Submit Stock Requests from non-depot locations

To submit a request from a non-depot location, you must first make sure that you have the correct permissions set up to log into the location. You can see more about how to configure permissions for this feature here.

First, log into OpenBoxes using your admin-provided username and password. On the first page, you will see all locations that you can request from. If you are requesting for a particular facility or ward, you will only see one location. If you can request on behalf of multiple facilities, you will see all of the facilities available to you.

Select the facility that you want to request stock for. This will bring you to a home page where you will see all of your submitted request. From here, you can view the status of all requests, and also submit a new one.

To submit a request, click "Create New Request" in the upper right-hand corner. This will bring you to a page where you can enter the details of your request

The page will automatically show your name as the requestor, today's date as the requested date, and your location as the requesting location. Please see the details of the other fields below:

Description: Enter a brief description of the request

Fulfilling location: Enter the name of the depot you are making the request to - the location that will fulfill your request.

Request type: Enter "Stock" for a regularly scheduled request and ad hoc for an emergency, unexpected, or one-time request

Stocklist: Users can select a preset list from the drop-down menu here to autofill the list of requested items

Once you have filled out each field, press next to go to the add items page.

To add a product to your request, search the product in the requested product search box. When you select the product, the system will autofill your demand/month for this product based on your previous requests. In the example above, there is no previous demand for this product, so the value shown is 0. 

Enter the current quantity on hand for the product in your location. Based on the information, the needed quantity will autofill using the formula Demand per month - QOH. Items with a needed qty of 0 will be automatically removed from the request upon save. Users can edit the needed qty for a line if they find that the formula doesn't represent their real need. In that case, they can also put a comment that can be viewed by the requesting depot to explain what they changed and why. 

To add a new request line, press the "add line" button in the top right corner of the table. This will add another line below the table for the user to add another product.

When you have finished adding items to your request. Click "Submit request." OpenBoxes will ask you to confirm your submission once. Press confirm to submit the request and return back to your home page

You will now be able to see your submitted request at the top of your request list. When the fulfilling depot has processed the request, the status will changed to shipped.

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