Configure e-requests from non-depot locations

OpenBoxes can be configured to allow users from locations outside the system to log in and submit a request to a depot. In order to enable this feature, the administrator must adjust the permission for the user and for the location.

Step 1: Add or update the requesting location in OpenBoxes

If the requesting location does not yet exist in OpenBoxes, add the location as a dispensary or a ward. On the configuration tab, un-check the "Use default settings" box. This will allow you to edit the supported activities for the location. Add the "submit request" supported activity and press save.

Users with the right permissions can now view and log into this location for the purpose of submitting requests. This location will not track inventory, and will only allow users to see pending requests and submit new requests.

Step 2: Add or update requesting users

If the user who will be submitting requests does not have an account in OpenBoxes, create one. On the authorization page, set the default role as "no access" and add a location role. Choose the requesting location and add the role "requestor." Press save.

This user will now be able to see this location and only this location in the location chooser. They will be able to log in and submit a request. If you want a user to be able to submit requests from multiple locations, or view other openboxes data, you can add additional default or location specific permissions that will expand the user's permissions.

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