Create a Purchase Invoice

In order to create an invoice, you must be in a location that has purchasing functionality enabled, since all invoices are based on purchase orders. If you cannot see the purchasing menu, ask your administrator to enable purchasing in your location.
Only users with the “Invoice user” permission are able to access the invoicing menu or create invoices. If you do not see the invoicing menu, ask your administrator to update your permissions.

Create an Invoice

Go to Invoicing>Create invoice

This will bring you the the invoice header page:

Fill out the fields using the below instructions:

  1. Invoice number: This field will automatically generate a unique invoice number
  2. Vendor (Required): Select the vendor from the drop down menu. If you do not see the vendor as an option, you will need your administrator to add the vendor in the system first.
  3. Vendor Invoice Number (Required): Type in the invoice number given on the vendor’s invoice. This will allow you to match the payment to the invoice they provided.
  4. Invoice date (Required): Enter the invoice date printed on the vendor invoice
  5. Currency (Required): Enter the currency of the invoice. If the currency you need is not available, your administrator can add it using these instructions.

Pressing next will create the invoice.

Add items to an invoice

The next page allows you to add items and non-item lines to an invoice. Please note that item lines will only be available to add to an invoice after they are shipped. This prevents users from paying for items that the vendor has not actually delivered. If you want to prepay a purchase order before it ships, follow the instruction under Create a Prepayment Invoice. Non-item lines can be invoiced at any time.

To add items to the invoice, click the “Add Lines” button at the top of the page:

This will open a modal that shows every purchase line available to invoice for the vendor and currency you selected in the header:

From this page, select the available lines that you would like to add to the invoice. To add a full line to the invoice, click the check box on the far left. To add a partial quantity, enter the quantity in the “Qty to Invoice” field.

In most cases, an invoice will reflect an entire purchase order or packing list. To select every item on a particular purchase order, choose the purchase order number from the “Select Orders” filter above the table. This will filter the page to show just that purchase order. Click the checkbox just above the table to select all of the lines on the purchase order at once, then press “Add Invoice Items” to confirm. To invoice the contents of a specific shipment, search the OpenBoxes shipment number in the “Select Shipments” filter. The page will be filtered to show just that shipment, and you can follow the same steps described previously to add the entire shipment to the invoice.

Pressing “Add invoice items” will bring you back to the main page with the selected items added:

At this point, if you notice a mistake, you can edit the lines. The delete button at the far right will remove an item from the invoice. To adjust the quantity on the invoice, change the number in the “Qty” field. To add a new item, reopen the add lines modal.

If you notice a problem with the unit price, qty available, budget code, or GL code, that will need to be fixed on the PO before you move forward. Remove the line with the error from the invoice and go back to the purchase order the line came from. Go to the instructions for editing purchase orders and read the section “Edit or Rollback a PO” for guidance on how to do this. Once the PO line has been corrected, return to your invoice. The corrected PO line will appear in the add items modal for you to add to the invoice.

Once your page exactly matches the invoice provided by the vendor, hit next.

This will bring you to the final page, which summarizes all the data you have entered:

On this page, you also have the option to view documents uploaded to related orders by pressing the download button. If you need to make any edits, press back to return to the previous pages. If the invoice is ready to pay, click “Post Invoice” to finalize.

On post, you will be redirected to the invoice view page where you can see the final invoice. The quantities in the invoice will be marked as invoiced on the PO, and will not be available to invoice again. The purchase order view page will be updated to show the new quantity invoiced.

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