Outbound shipment page by page - Add Items

When you arrive on the Add Items page, you will see that an identifier has been given to your stock movement. This identifier is useful for referencing this shipment with others, as well as searching for it in the future. In this example, the identifier is 629UES.

Adding Products

Start by searching either the name or the product code in the item dropdown under Requested Product. Select the appropriate item and then enter the desired quantity for the stock movement. If you know the product code, you can enter the product code and hit enter. If the exact product code exists, the product will be automatically selected. 

OpenBoxes also gives users the opportunity to select a recipient for their product. The person will be notified once the product is received. This feature is very helpful for important items and shipments.

To add additional items, select the “Add Line” button and enter additional items and quantities.

If you have chosen to use a stock list to create your stock movement, the items will populate automatically. In that case, you will only be required to add the desired quantities for each item, or remove unwanted items by using the “Delete” button on the right.

Review and Next

We’ve now completed the second step of the outbound stock movement process. In addition to the basic shipment information captured in the create page, we’ve now selected our items, quantities, and the recipient for one of the critical items.

Review that all of your information is correct and then hit the “Next” button to proceed to the edit page.

Note: The Next button is disabled until items are added in this page.

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