Edit a Stocklist

From the list stock list page, click on the actions button next to the stock list you want to view or edit:

You will see that the drop down menu contains several options:

  1. Show stock list: view details of the stock list
  2. Edit stock list: Edit the header information for the stock list (locations, name, description, class)
  3. Add stock list items: Add items to this stock list. Also click this button if you want to edit the items on the stock list (add, delete, or change quantities).
  4. Import stock list items: Add items to the stocklist. You can also use the import feature to edit the items on the stock list (add or change quantities).
  5. Export stock list items: Get a list of every item in the stock list
  6. Clone stock list: Make a copy of this stock list (useful if you want to send the same items to many different locations)
  7. Unpublish stock list: Deactivate this list
  8. Clear stock list items: Delete all items from the stock list (do not click this unless you are SURE)
  9. Delete stock list: Delete entire stock list (items and header)

From the product page

To view and edit all of the stock lists related to a product, first go to the product stock card:

On the product stock card, click "manage stock lists"

This will bring you to a new page that shows all of the stock lists that the product belongs to, sorted by country. You can click on the arrow next to the country to see the stock lists by  warehouse.

For each stock list, you can see the warehouse, name, monthly stock list qty, manager, replenishment period, and replenishment qty.

Monthly Stock list Qty: Amount of this product on the stock list per month (replenishment qty*# of replenishments per month

Manager: The person responsible for keeping the stock list up to date

Replenishment period: Number of days between replenishments (ex: 15 is a biweekly replenishment cycle, 30 is a monthly cycle)

Replenishment qty: The Max qty on the stock list for the replenishment period

For each stock list, there are several actions that you can take:

Edit & Save: Edit makes the replenishment qty editable. The user can change the qty and this change will be reflected in the stock list. Save saves the new qty entered while editing. The qty will not save automatically!! You must press the save button!

Delete: Delete removes the product from that stock list

  Print: Downloads the entire stock list form in pdf format

  Email:  Sends the stock list form in PDF to the person of your choice. Opens a dialogue box in which you can edit the recipients of the email and the email message.

Add item to a stock list:

There is a drop down menu at the bottom of the page where the user can select a stock list to add the item to. Type the name of the stock list into the drop down and select the correct one. Then click, "add stock list"

Choose a replenishment quantity and press save.

  Edit other stock list features:

To edit any aspect of a stock list NOT specific to this particular item, click on the stock list name. This will bring you to the edit stock list page, where you can edit any other features of the stock list

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