Import Items to a Stocklist

Users can add multiple items to a stocklist through import. Before users can add items to a stocklist, we must create a stocklist first. To learn how see Create a Stocklist.

Import Items to a Stocklist

You can click on the Import button as shown below OR click on the carrot on the left-hand side > click on Import stock list items

This takes you to the Import menu. There are different ways users can import stocklist items: Import as file, Import as string, and bulk add by product codes. Let's take a look at each of them! 

Import as file

  1. Create an excel sheet with the following columns: Code, Name, Product Name, Max Qty, and UoM. Enter data for the columns. 
  2. Save the edited file as (CSV) Comma-delimited or (TSV) Tab-delimited in your computer. 
  3. In OpenBoxes, upload the edited file. Select Comma if you saved the file as CSV. Select Tab if you saved the file as TSV. On the Skip line, 1 should be shown as default. The header will be ignored during the import.
    Click Upload. 
  4. In the next page, review the Import data. If everything looks good, click on Save. If you need to edit information, you can upload a new file on the same page. 

Import as String

  1. To import as string, copy and paste the data from your CSV or TSV file on the Data box. Click Import. 
  2. On the next page, review the item information. If everything looks good, click Save. If you want to make edits before you save, you can copy and paste updated data on the Data box on the same screen. 

Bulk add by Product Codes

To bulk add by Product Codes, you can enter multiple product codes separated by a comma, for example 10001, 10002, 10003, 10004. Once you have written the full list, click "Add to Products."

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