AutoSave Feature - Beta

OpenBoxes has launched a beta version of AutoSave. This feature will automatically save entered date in transactions for performance improvement and reduce instances of loss of data due to any reason.

Currently, this feature is only available for Outbound Stock Movement - Add Items page. It can be turned on for specific location through location configuration.

For the Beta version, this feature is only added to the Outbound Stock Movement - Add Items page.

AutoSave Signals

Users will know if entered data is autosaved through color indication on the left side of the lines.

  • Blue line - Saved.
  • Grey line - Saving in Progress.
  • Red line - Cannot Save.

Once all required fields are entered, (Product Name and Quantity in the Add Items of Outbound Shipment), the lines will be autosaved.

Color indication on the left-hand side of the lines.
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