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Product Tags can be used to create lists of products based on user needs. While both catalogs and tags represent ways to sort and filter products, they operate differently. Catalogs are selected from a pre-defined list entered by an administrator. Tags can be created at any time by any user creating a product. This makes tags more flexible and better for ad hoc labeling for products while the catalog is better suited for a more strict method of categorization. 

One product can be added to multiple tags. In the screenshot below, Tags for the product are highlighted in Green.

Create a Tag

During Product Creation

Please see this document to create a tag during the product creation process.

Through Create Tag Option 
  1. on the Top Menu Bar, hover over Products > click on Tags
  2. On the Tag page, click on Create Tag. 
  3. Enter a Tag name and click on Create.
  4. The tag has now been created! On the next page, you can make updates to the Tag Name. The active box will be checked by default. You can also add this tag to products from this page by switching to the Products tab. 
  5. Simply search for products by using the Product code or Product name. Then, click on Add to Products.  

Export Products in a Tag

A tag can be assigned to numerous products which is why OpenBoxes allows users to see all those products for product management. Furthermore, OpenBoxes also allows users to export the list of the products that a tag has been added to for analysis or further action.

  1. On the Top Menu Bar, hover over Products > Tags
  2. From the tag list, look for the Tag that you want to export products for. Click on the Tag name. 
  3. On the tag page, click on Export Products option on the top right side of the page. 
  4. A CSV file will be downloaded to your computer. 
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