Create a Product Catalog

Product catalogs are a formal way of assigning products to particularly defined lists, called "catalogs" or "formularies." These can be used to define a list of items for a particular service type, i.e. "Maternal Health Catalog" or they can be used to define a set list of products required at a specific location, for example, "Los Angeles Warehouse Formulary."

For information on how to add a product catalog to a product, click here

List Product Catalogs

To view existing product catalogs, hover over Products > click on Catalogs. 

This will direct you to the List Product Catalog page. 

Create a Product Catalog

  1. On the List Product Catalog page, Click on "Add Product Catalog."
  2. On the Create Page, enter the following information:
    1. Code: Enter a code for the catalog. 
    2. Name: Enter a name that best describes the catalog, such as Global Formulary or Liberia Formulary. This will be displayed in electronic stock cards. 
    3. Description (Optional): Enter a description for the product catalog, 
    4. Active: This defaults to checked. 
  3. Click on Create. 

Edit a Product Catalog

  1. On the List Product Catalog page, click on the ID of the product catalog you want to edit.
  2. On the Edit page, we can update the Code, name, and description.
  3. We can also mark the product catalog as Inactive.
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