Intro to Purchase Orders

OpenBoxes allows organizations to track their purchases via the purchase order feature. Users create purchase orders in the system for items, goods, or services. They can then print the order and send it to the vendor as a record of the purchase. Once a purchase order is created, users can track each item on a purchase order through the shipment, receipt, and invoicing process. Use of this feature allows an organization to fully integrate purchasing and basic invoicing into their inventory management system. For more information about how to configure and use this feature, refer to these instructions.

👁 View and Search

All purchase orders for your location can be accessed through the list purchase orders page under the purchasing menu:

This page shows a list of all purchase orders for this location, with status by line item and total cost. You can filter and search orders using the filters on the top of the page. Below the filters, the table will display Purchase Orders, as directed by the filters. 

Download Orders: This button will download a CSV file that only includes the columns shown in the HTML version in OpenBoxes. Any filters applied will also apply to this report. 

Download Order Line Details: This is a more detailed report that includes additional information on the order lines which are not visible in the HTML version, such as Supplier organization, source code, manufacturer, unit price, Quantity invoiced, Recipient, Expected Ready date, actual ready date, and budget code. 

The purchase order view page shows an overview of all data related to the order. The top of the page shows the order number, description, and status. The buttons below show the actions available to take on this order. The box on the left shows the order header information and total cost. Below that, you can see the creator and most recent editor of the order in the Auditing box.

Each tab on the page shows a different view of the lines in order.

  1. The summary tab shows all item lines with qty and cost, and a line showing the cost of all adjustments. 
  2. The item status tab shows, for each line, the quantity ordered, shipped, and received.
  3. The item details tab shows the vendor item no, manufacturer, manufacturer item no, and delivery date
  4. Adjustments show all of the non-item lines on the PO (like shipping, fees, etc.)
  5. Shipments show all of the shipment lines related to this order. On this tab, you can see exactly what has shipped in which shipment, with links to the shipment view pages
  6. The Invoices tab shows any invoices related to the PO along with the invoice status. 
  7. The documents tab allows you to upload documents related to the PO and access them later
  8. The comments tab allows you to add a comment to the order, or see past comments left by other users. If there is a comment present for the PO, we will see a circle showing how many comments are present for the PO. 

We can also Filter by product name on the Summary tab, Item Status tab, and Item Details tab. 

✏ Create and Edit

See Create a Purchase Order.

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