Product Name Synonyms

OpenBoxes allows product creators to add synonyms for product names in different locales. If a product synonym exists for a locale, users will see the synonym in that locale instead of the default product name.

For example, if a user who uses OB in Spanish locale created a product "Bomba de jeringa, el├ęctrica," they could add an English synonym "Syringe Pump, Electric." Users in the English locale would see the English synonym instead of the default Spanish product name.

The Default Spanish Product Name
The English Synonym for the Product Name

Along with the existing synonyms being displayed in all pages in OpenBoxes, users will also see existing Product synonyms in various import and export files in OpenBoxes.

In downloaded reports and exports, the existing product synonyms will appear in a bracket beside the default product name in the Product Name column.

The name in brackets is the synonym in French for the English version
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