Introduction to Product Family

The Product Family feature in OpenBoxes offers a way to link all related items together. This feature expands on Product Substitution by grouping all sizes of a product together. For example, all Nasogastric Feeding Tubes could be grouped in the same Product Family together.

The Product Family functions as a parent to a group of products. It is a many-to-one relationship and can be added during Product Creation or Editing.

To learn more about viewing and creating Product Family, click here.

When a product is added to a Product Family, you can see this information in various pages, reports, and lists in OpenBoxes. See below for a full list of pages where you can see this information:

  • Electronic Stock Card
    • In the Electronic Stock Card, you can see the Product Family above the Product Name and in the left-hand Details Box.
  • Stock History PDF
    • In the Stock History PDF, you can see the Product Family above the Product Name.
  • Product List Page
    • On the Product List Page, there is a column displaying Product Family.
    • You can also search for products in a specific Product Family by using the Product Family filter.
  • Product Export and Import Files
    • When Exporting Products from the Product List page, the file has a separate column for Product Family.
    • When importing Products into OpenBoxes, you can add Product Family in the import file.


      You can see Product Family information in the following reports:

    • Bin Location Report
    • In Stock Report
    • On Orders Report
    • Cycle Count Report
    • Expired Products Report
    • Expiring Products Report
    • Consumption Report
    • Request Detail Report
    • Transaction Report
    • Inventory by Location Report
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