OpenBoxes Knowledge Base

The OpenBoxes team uses a service called Help Scout to store all manuals, help articles, and other documentation. Users can access documents in multiple languages: English, French, Spanish, or Creole. 

Users can access the Knowledge Base in OpenBoxes itself. Users can also access the Knowledge Base through a URL. 

Access Help Documents in OpenBoxes

On the Top-Right corner of OpenBoxes, you can click on the "question mark" icon as shown below. 

This loads the Knowledge Base in OpenBoxes. 

There are some pre-populated articles that you can access. You can also type in the 'Search' to look for other articles and click 'Enter' or on the 'Magnifying glass' as seen in the screenshot above. You can click on the search results to load the entire article.

You can also click on the article heading to load the article in a new tab in the browser. 

Accessing Knowledge Base URL

Users can also access all the help documents through this URL:  The documents are differentiated as User Guide or Administrator Guide. 

You can change the language by clicking on the Language at the far-right. 

When in the User Guide or Administrator Guide, you can choose document categories and select a particular document to view. 

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