Amount Outstanding Report

The Amount Outstanding Report displays what value of Purchase Orders have not been invoiced along with the shipment status of those lines. This can be a helpful report for procurement users when those expenses hit their budget. 

How to Run the Report

To run the Amount Outstanding Report, hover over Reporting > Under Order Reports, click on Amount Outstanding Report. 

This will download an excel file with the following columns:

  1. Supplier
  2. Destination
  3. PO Number
  4. Type
  5. Code
  6. Description
  7. UoM
  8. Cost per UoM
  9. Qty Ordered not Shipped (Each)
  10. Qty Ordered not Shipped (UoM)
  11. Value Ordered not Shipped
  12. Qty Shipped not Invoiced (UoM)
  13. Qty Shipped not Invoiced (Each)
  14. Value Shipped not invoiced Total Qty not Invoiced (UoM)
  15. Total Qty not Invoiced (Each)
  16. Total Value not invoiced
  17. Budget Code
  18. Recipient
  19. Estimated Ready Date
  20. Actual Ready Date
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