Outbound Returns

Outbound returns allow the user to return stock from their depot to a supplier or another depot. Returns function similarly to outbound shipments, but they are processed starting from the location inventory, not from a request. Returns allow users to ship stock that is expired, recalled, or on hold, which are not able to be shipped using the normal outbound workflow.

To send a return, go to Outbound: Create Outbound Return

This will bring up the first page of the returns workflow. On this page, you can add a description and select the location you are returning to.

On the next page, the user can search their inventory for the products they want to return. Search by product, lot number, expiration date, or bin location to bring up the products you want to return. In the "Qty to return" field, indicate the quantity of the product that you want to return.

Undo the filters to review all of the products you have selected and make any final changes

When you are satisfied, press next to go to the pick page. On the pick page, you can review what you need to pick and print your picklist:

When you have picked the stock, press next to go to the final page of the workflow. Choose your shipment type and expected receipt date, then press ship to remove the items from inventory.

You have completed your return! You will be redirected to the view page, and you will be able to see this return in the outbound shipment list.

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