Replenish Bins Feature

The replenish bins feature is a version of a stock transfer specifically designed for replenishing stock from a bulk section into a set of bins designated for picking. For depots that perform a regular replenishment process from bulk stock, this feature will indicate which bins are low on stock, and where and how much to pick to replenish them. 

In order for this feature to work, picking bins must have both a min and max inventory level set. Replenishment quantities will be calculated based on these pre-set inventory levels. For more information, see inventory levels in the administrator guide. 

To access this feature, go to Inventory > Replenish Picking Bins.

Replenish Picking Bins

This will bring you to a screen where you can view all of the bins below a certain preset inventory level. You can choose to see all bins below minimum, below reorder, or below maximum. 

This screen will show for each product, the quantity currently in the picking bin, the maximum quantity to replenish up to for that bin, and the quantity available to transfer into the bin. The quantity to transfer will suggest either the Maximum quantity - the quantity currently in the bin, or the full quantity available to transfer if less than the quantity needed to get up to max. Edit the quantity to transfer as needed, and press next to generate a picklist. Items with quantity to transfer of zero will automatically be excluded when you move to the pick page.

The pick page will show you where to get the stock that you are transferring into the picking bin. It will automatically select the batches with the earliest expiration date to transfer. On this page, you can print a transfer order to take with you as you move through the warehouse. 

When you have collected all of the stock from the bulk bins, go to the next page.

This page will show you what you have transferred. Put away the stock into the new bins, then review against the final page. After verifying that everything matches, press complete the stock transfer to move out of the bulk bins and into the picking bins.

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