Add Product Name Synonyms

Users with access to product creation and editing can translate product names for different locales.

For example, if a product is created in French as a default language, users can add an English synonym or translation for the product. Users who use OpenBoxes in the English locale will see the English translation in every page of OB instead of the Default name in French.

Add Product Name Synonyms

Users can add Product Name Synonyms through the Edit Product feature in the Electronic Stock Card. To learn how to navigate to the Electronic Stock Card, see this article.

  • In the Electronic Stock Card, click on Edit Product.

  • In the Edit page, go to the Synonyms tab.

  • Here, you can add synonyms in two ways:
    • Manually one by one
    • Import multiple synonyms

Add Synonyms Manually One By One

Under the Synonyms tab, use the following fields to add new synonym.

    • Select a locale - Select a locale from the dropdown for the synonym you are adding. For this example, I have selected French.
    • Select a Classification - Select Display_Name.
    • Type the Synonym in the box.

      Click on Add once ready.

      The synonym is now added for the product. You can edit the synonym from here, or delete it if needed.

Add Synonyms through Import

  • Under the Synonyms tab, Download Template for the import.

  • In the downloaded csv file, enter the following fields:
    • Product Code - the Product code is auto-populated with the product you are editing.
    • Class of synonym - Display_name
    • Locale - 'Es' for Spanish entered in the screenshot below.
    • Synonym

  • Save the file in the same format. In OpenBoxes, choose the saved file. Click on Import Template.

The synonyms are now imported for the product!

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