GL Accounts

GL Accounts or General Ledger Accounts are account numbers used to categorize types of financial transactions. For example, you could create a GL account for Medical Supplies, Food, or IT equipment.

In OpenBoxes, these GL Accounts are added to products. When specific products are ordered, the financial transaction is linked to GL account and distinguishes what type of transaction it is. For example, a Lenovo laptop would fall under the GL Account IT equipment.

View GL Accounts

To view GL accounts, click on the Configuration icon on the Top Menu Bar and select GL accounts.

Here, you will see the following details:

  • Active
    • Note - Only GL Accounts not linked to an active product can be deactivated.
  • Id - OpenBoxes auto-assigns an Id to the GL Account when it is created.
  • Code - This code is entered by a user when creating the GL account.
  • Name - The name entered by a user when creating the GL account.
  • Description - If users entered description for the GL Account, that will be displayed in this column.
  • GL Account Type - This displays the type of GL Account, for example, GL account types could be expense or revenue.
  • Date Created
  • Date Updated

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