Add Products to Product Family

Before you can add products to a Product Family, you must first create a Product Family.

You can add products to existing Product Family directly when creating or editing a product or through Product Import.

Add Products to Product Family when creating or editing a product

  1. To add Product Family to a product, we must get to the Product Details page.
    1. If you are creating a new product, click on Products on the top menu bar, and click Create Product.

    2. If you want to add Product Family to an existing product, Click on Edit Product from the Electronic Stock Card.

  2. On the Product Details page, select a Product Family from the dropdown.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click Save.

Add Products to Product Family via Import

If you want to add multiple products to different Product Families, you can do so through Product Imports.

  1. On the Top Menu Bar, click on Products > Import Products.

  2. Download the CSV template for Import. For existing products, you need the Product ID which you can get clicking on "Download CSV of all products."

  3. Open the downloaded CSV file. See this document for other mandatory fields for import. Under the Product Family column, type the Product Family you want for the products.

  4. Save the edited file in the same format. In OpenBoxes, select the edited file for import. Click on Upload.

  5. Verify all the information from the file is correct. New or updated information will be colored in red. If you need to make edits, click on Previous, make necessary edits to the csv file, and re-upload the file. If everything looks good, click on Next.

  6. On the final page, review all the information, add Tags if needed. Click on Import.

    The products in the import will now be added to the Product Family as assigned! 🎉

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