Product Attributes

Product attributes are custom fields that can be added to a product to record information that is not in the standard product card. For example, OpenBoxes has a field that indicates if a product is cold chain, but it doesn't have a field to indicate the exact temperature requirements. If an organization requires a field to show the exact temperature requirement for a product, they can create a custom field that will appear on each product. This field could be a free text field, or it could be a drop-down with options populated by the administrator. 

Create a Product Attribute

  1. From the top toolbar, hover over Products > Select Attributes. This will take you to the list of existing attributes.
  2. Click on Add attribute. 
  3. In the Create attribute page, enter information for the following fields:
    1. Entity Type: Select Product (There are other objects that can have attributes, but we will not discuss them here.)
    2. Code: Create a unique code to identify the attribute. 
    3. Name: Enter a name for the attribute, such as Temperature Requirement. This will appear as the field name on the product page
    4. Description: Enter a brief description of the attribute. 
    5. Uom Class: For multiselect or free text, leave blank. For a numerical field, choose quantity. For a monetary amount, choose currency
    6. Options: Here, we can add multiple options under the attribute. For Temperature requirements, options could be COOL 8-15C, FRZ -20C, and so on. 
    7. Active: Mark the checkbox. 
    8. Required: This will make the custom field required for every product. Leave this unchecked unless are you sure you want to require the field on all products. 
    9. Allow Free-Text: Instead of creating options to select from, we can also allow free text where users can type in information on the product instead. 
  4. Click on Save. The attribute will now appear in the Attributes list and under the Attributes section when creating a product. 

Ex: Adding an additional price on the product using attributes

Ex: Adding a drop-down select for temperature requirement

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