Bin Location Types

What are Bin Location?

Bin Location is a designated shelf, pallet position, or bin within a given depot. Bin locations are used only for tracking stock within a given depot.

Bin Location Types

There are various Bin Location Types and bin locations can be created under them. For easier understanding, the hierarchy of the bin locations goes like this: 

Depot > Zone Locations > Bin Location Types > Bin Locations

Below are the different Bin Location Types currently used and can be configured. 

  1. Bin Location: This is the general bin location type, which is used for normal inventory storage, such as a shelf or a storage room. 
  2. Receiving: This is a bin location type specifically designated for receiving. OpenBoxes automatically creates receiving bins as stock is received into inventory. 

    The format of the auto-generated receiving bins is "R-Shipment code." Receiving bins can also be created manually if needed. 

  3. Hold Bin: This is a specific bin location type with set supported activities. Placing stock in this bin removes the stock from Quantity Available and is unavailable to ship out. For more information on hold bins, see Creating Hold Bins
  4. Cross-docking: Non-functional at present.

To create and edit bin locations, see Managing Bin and Zone Locations.

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